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Can I Get You Change for A Dollar?

| October 16, 2019
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During my travels this summer, I heard of a teenage girl who was reprimanded by her employer for having a shortage of dimes in her cash drawer.  The problem continued for many shifts of her retail job.  Finally, the manager confronted her to determine the cause of this disruption.  She responded, ‘dimes are easier to make change with, quarters are hard!’

It is easier to count change with dimes than quarters and change is easier for some people than others.  But answer this question for me, how many possible ways are there to make change for a dollar?  Is it a) 47, b) 247, c) 106 or d) 293?

The correct answer is d) 293!  Most are familiar with the efficient way of counting out four quarters, but ten dimes will get you to the same place.  Few of us would choose one quarter, one dime, one nickel and sixty pennies, but it works.

Our seemingly polarized culture may not be as binary as our politicians or media sources strive to make us.  Quite possibly we all view the world differently than one another.  Maybe just as there are 293 ways to count change for a single dollar our personalities are varied in our thoughts on aspects of our culture.  Maybe you and I agree on variable #293 but disagree on variable #42. 

Since we agree on #293, but disagree on #42, can we possibly get along with one another?  I believe the answer is yes!  Just because my friend would prefer counting out 10 dimes to exchange for your dollar bill doesn’t mean she is any better or worse than me, we simply would prefer to deliver change to people in differing manners.

As 2020 rolls around and the media begins to hype the presidential election year, we can fairly estimate half of our citizens are going to vote one way and the other half the opposite.  We only choose to be in adversarial perspectives if that makes us feel better at night.  The media prefers this mindset as it bolsters their relevance and advertising dollars.

But in fact, if you go back 100 years, the presidents have been almost exactly equally split between Democrats and Republicans.  In other words, if your candidate doesn’t win this election, just give it another four or eight years and most likely your vote will be for the winning team.  History suggests time is on your side.

We haven’t had 293 presidents yet, but we have had some unique individuals in the oval office.  It’s fair to say each party has offered the world their share of unique representatives.  This election cycle let’s try kindness and trust the world will continue spinning even if our candidate gets second place.  Keep the faith! kt

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