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Think Differently...

| April 16, 2019
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Has it ever occurred to you not all thoughts are yours?

Purple igloo.

Was that your thought or mine? My thought can become yours if you accept it, but you have the incredible ability to redirect and reject thoughts. For example, you could think Indiana Pacers and you would have replaced my thought with yours.

Advertising and a variety of other forces are intent on making you believe their thoughts are yours and most importantly hopeful you will act on theirs. You have incredible power to rethink your way through life.

One of the key financial ideas I would offer a young person striving to manage their resources more efficiently is to the think differently. Not all sources of input are wise. They may appear as wise but may just be folklore repeated enough to have the appearance of wisdom.

I would argue the idea of six months living expenses in savings is a nice idea, but not really rooted in wisdom. But for me to even say that might make many think I am clueless and haven’t thought much about finances. There are several reasons I believe this mantra is silly financial management, but suffice it to say, you need to think differently to manage resources wisely.

Thinking differently involves considering the thoughts you have and considering whether they make sense or not. This can be a slow process at first and having friends and advisors with wisdom around you can enable more success with time. This sorting of thoughts is what I would suggest is the principle of thinking differently.

Kobe Bryant thinks differently. One of the most ridiculous explanations of thinking differently involved his view of how he responded to the moment in the video below.

Kobe said when the opposing player projected the ball into his face he immediately thought Barnes was not going to hit him with the ball because he didn’t want to be ejected. This rapid-fire example of thinking differently blows my mind to imagine someone can process thoughts that fast.

If you need a hand thinking differently about your finances, give your friends at Gimbal a call! In the meantime, keep the faith! Kt

Kobe YouTube Video

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