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You Are Free to Do What You Like

| June 13, 2019
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The 7am steam whistle blew to start the work day.  When it rang at exactly 7am, the factory whistle brought a smile to his face.  Ernest Shackleton knew his tenacity and perseverance would be rewarded shortly.  The 7am whistle was the greatest sound he had heard in months.

Has the start of the work day impacted you in such a manner recently?  It’s all about perspective and motivation.  One of the key financial principles we advocate is like what you do.  It is different from ‘do what you like’ in liking what you do is more of a mental decision versus the pursuit of a hobby as your vocation.

Shackleton led and exploration of Antarctica departing from South Georgia on December 5. 1914 with the hope of making the first land crossing of Antarctica.  Ironically, it would seem his pursuit of crossing Antarctica was motivated by his desire to do what he liked.  But as the weather, tides and flow of ice shifted, he was soon transformed from his original motive of self-fulfillment to one of survival.

Alfred Lansing’s book, Endurance: Shackleton’s Incredible Voyage paints a grim picture of this transformation from chasing a dream to fighting for survival.  And the moment the crew heard the work whistle blow, they turned and shook hands to celebrate the unlikely task of surviving.

You and I can consider both possibilities.  We can do what we like and learn to like what we do. 

The freedom we possess is arguably the greatest opportunity before us today.  If the alarm clock causes anxiety or frustration in your experience, maybe today is a great day to visit your financial adviser to discuss how to integrate your finances into a plan allowing you to better enjoy your daily activities.

Keep the faith!  kt

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